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Creatives as agents of change

Bilbao International Art & Fashion – BIAAF is non-profit organization devoted to the launch of young promising fashion designers from all over the world provided they are talented, innovative and radically creative. Always in touch with emerging designers, renowned fashion schools and fashion industry experts worldwide.

At BIAAF LAB we select, support and connect young fashion creatives, helping them grow and inspire others, aiming for a multiplier effect of our project.

We believe in them as activators of change and drivers of economic and social development, helping them build their own entrepreneurial initiatives.

We aim at developing an ecosystem of collaboration and co-creation to build a sense of community among these young fashion creatives.

Our Brands


We are SEI: Igone Cabrerizo. SEI has created this capsule collection for... 


Biziraun (Basque term for enduring) is the first collection by Asier Quintana... 

  • VOGUE_LOGO_svg_35b37d69-17e5-49aa-814b-355736d8daae - BIAAF LAB

    "SEI has created this capsule collection reinterpreting their common roots and traditions, paying tribute to Basque heritage."

  • 195-1959210_as-seen-in-conde-nast-traveler-logo - BIAAF LAB

    "SEI pays tribute to Basque heritage, from popular costumes to universal local artists such as Ignacio Zuloaga, Valentín de Zubiaurre and Cristobal Balenciaga."