About Us


An initiative developed by Bilbao International Art & Fashion to curate cutting edge young fashion talents with an entrepreneurial spirit.

BIAAF Lab bets on sustainability, digitalization and internationalization as key assets of the projects mentored.

BIAAF’s Art & Fashion competition has already reached over 7,000 emerging designers from over 92 countries and the most renowned fashion design schools worldwide.


We are SEI: Andrea Martínez, Eder Aurre, Igone Cabrerizo, Maite Quintana Usune Bravo y Yaiza Txakartegi.

SEI is a collective of Bilbao based emerging fashion designers who have been discovered by BIAAF’s biannual international competition.

SEI has created this capsule collection for BIAAF reinterpreting their common roots and traditions, paying tribute to Basque Heritage, from popular costumes to universal local artists, such as Ignacio Zuloaga, Valentín de Zubiaurre, Aurelio Arteta or José Arrúe as well as The Master of all couturiers, Cristobal Balenciaga, born in a small Basque coastal village called Getaria.

From color palettes to shapes and materials, designers have researched on the reality of popular costume to de-contextualize it from its space-time coordinates and transport it into the vanguard of the international emerging fashion scene.

As a result, SEI has not only managed to reappraise their common roots and heritage, but also turn it into a timeless fashion collection.


Nature and the sea, in one way or another, have always been part of my life, and it has always given me a deep feeling of freedom and serenity.

The same freedom that I feel when I design. As an engineer, my training has always been linked to rules and laws, and for me, until a few years ago, designing was calculating. Design has allowed me to experiment with shapes, textures, materials ... designing I feel free.

And it is from that feeling of freedom, of identity, from where I bring you to Kresala, with the aim of translating my land, my origins and my culture, into special garments, with charisma, full of history.

The garments in this collection are made with sustainable organic materials. The raw material is 100% merino wool that supports the “Transhumance by Made in Slow” project for the recovery of traditional transhumance. A project that is concerned both with the recovery of traditional agricultural activity, as well as with keeping high standards of animals welfare (both of the sheep flocks and the Spanish mastiff shepherd dogs.)

Kresala is committed with slow, ethical fashion, enhancing handmade local production on a small scale, always bearing in mind social and environmental awareness.


Biziraun (Basque term for enduring) is the first collection by Asier Quintana as an independent designer, who was awarded Best Emerging Basque Designer at the 8th edition of the BIAAF international competition.

The idea stems from a deep exploration of heritage and family roots, shaping the essence of human existence.

Conceptualized through the transformation of vintage garments and a range of family relics, the collection attempts to deconstruct and reinterpret the symbolic meaning associated with traditional garments.

Particularly, the essence of the "costume". Through this process the traditional masculine components are rediscovered, embracing a more sensible perspective.

Deconstruction is integrated into this collection using classic tailoring techniques in combination with different draping methods.

All materials used in this drop are deadstock and vintage fabrics of heritage value.