Collection: SOUVENIR

Designed and handmade created by Marta Repáraz. Her collection consists of changes, processes, and evolutions. Hence, the use of materials that have already been utilized to give them a new life and, ultimately, a new message related to industry, art, and the ephemeral nature of emotions. The sea and water are also intertwined, as melted materials appear to dance like waves.

Furthermore, the product packaging is a biodegradable bag that dissolves in a few seconds, turning it into an ephemeral and transient art, much like most products she consumes in her life. This experience allows the consumer to interact with the product; they can place the bag in the water, and within seconds, witness the bag disappear, leaving them with the main accessory in hand, providing a unique experience.

The packaging features the brand's logotype (the two 'Ps') created using a 3D printer and PLA fibers, which are also biodegradable but over time. Anything that doesn't contribute to the essence of the product itself disappears; it's ephemeral and in constant change, just as the essential product once was.